Sempher Fi is a World of Warcraft guild on EU-Hellscream. The guild was created in April 2005, not long after the launch of WoW in Europe and many of our founding members still play actively.
We are today the oldest end-game raid guild on the Hellscream side of the server.

Work Complete

Swelt a posted Aug 8, 16

Today we cleared Mythic Hellfire Citadel, putting down Archimonde.  It may have been a lot easier in the pre-patch, but it was still satisfying to close out the expansion on a high.

If we kill him in space, he's proper dead, right?

We had cleared up to Mannoroth prior to the pre-patch.  Hellfire citadel has been the kind of endurance test that we saw in Siege of Orgrimmar.  The quality of the raid content has been great, but here's hoping that Legion will see it vary a bit more frequently.  Here's a few more overdue killshots...

Glad he's dead, don't expect we'll have to deal with his kind again for a while!

There's only room enough for one Tyrant around here...

Dude, you aren't going to ... eat him ?

Fat Bastard in a Puddle

Swelt a posted Jan 18, 16

He's dead.  He had it coming.  He kept laughing at us, taunting us with 'almost got me' wipes, the worst being sub 1%.

Who's laughing now?

Still got a little bit of room on the roster, not much, so if you want in on the second half of the instance then you need to be applying now!

Overdue Update

Swelt a posted Dec 7, 15

The news page has been a bit quiet lately.  Here's a recap: We progressed fairly steadily through heroic, with Archimonde taking a little while to get down.  We moved up to Mythic in September, although it took a while to get past Iron Reaver.  We were 3/13 when the patch hit, we've moved on to 5/13 now and are just about to take a look at Gorefiend.  Here's a Blexx PoV of last night's first Kilrogg kill:

Did you see that coming?

With the announcement that there will not be another raid tier, that we have several more months in Hellfire Citadel until Legion release, we made a strategic decision to ease back on progression over the winter season.  We are currently on a farm/casual progression cycle until January.  One of the things you learn after raiding for 10 years is that sometimes you need to take it a little easy to avoid burnout, and that the holiday season causes a ton of disruption to raid schedules.

If you would like to join us for the renewed progression push in the new year, sign up on the website or contact Liontarakis/Fandasia or Tinuviel in game.

Patch Time

Swelt a posted Jun 30, 15

As a guild, we decided long ago that we would move to new content when it became available rather than worry too much about completionism.  With that in mind, we finished up 6.1 at 5/10 Mythic BRF, with a quick Glory of the Draenor Raider achievement run in the final two raids.  (Gronnling mount is best mount)

We are diving straight into Heroic for Hellfire Citadel, with 6/13 Heroic in week 1.  Here's derpy kitty Blexxer's POV of Gorefiend (probably my favourite fight of the instance so far):

We are currently considering new recruits (Healers, Rogue), contact Fandasia or Tinuviel in game or apply using the website.

Mythic Progress

Swelt a posted May 4, 15

2 down in Blackrock now.  Oregorger the rolly-polly puking maze monster was first to fall.  Then we beat up Darmac the Sad Hunter.

Update: Make that three down, as Gruul is crushed before us.

Gruul SmashedNot so smashy now, are you?